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Cuba has its own language called Cubano, which is an amalgamation of Spanish and French. There are different kinds of Cuban languages, which can be found in different cities of the country. This article will discuss about the official languages of Cuba and it is also useful to know more about this beautiful and exotic language, which is spoken mostly in Havana and some smaller Cuban cities. Cuba's official language, which is considered as the second official language after English, is called "Cuba". Cubano was established in 1669 by the Spanish crown and is a mixture of the French and Spanish languages. Cuban language is spoken in most of the rural areas of the island. These places include: the towns and villages of the northeastern provinces (Alto de Estevan, Antofagasta, La Plata, Cienfuegos, Punta Cana, Mariel) and the cities of the capital, Havana. The most important towns and villages in Cuba are: Cienfuegos, Antofagasta, Alto de Estevan (Aduana), Mariel, Tijuana, and Quito. According to Wikipedia, it is believed that about 3% of the people of Cuba are bilingual, but they are usually referred to as Cuban, Spanish or French. The majority of Cubans are educated at the private schools of their families. Many of the government universities and high schools are owned and run by foreign businesses and are heavily influenced by the government. Although there are private universities for foreign students, the majority of the people enrolled at these schools come from the countries they are studying in. Cubans can get into American universities in other countries, but they have to be a student or a member of the Cuban-American community.

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