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damas de compañia colombia

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Tango en compañia colombia by Mereja

The most beautiful damas from Latin America are known as tangos, as they dance with their hands held in a way that's both comfortable and expressive. This kind of dancing and hand holding can be done in many different ways, but the common way of dancing with a hand held in a tango position is the "tango," which consists of a dancer's right hand, held above and on the opposite end of the dance partner's left knee, going through a series of twists and turns. The dance partner will then move forward and down, then forward and down again. The "tango" is also known as a "rondo," "samba," or simply a "tango." The basic form of the tango can be found in most of Latin American countries, but some areas have developed their own versions of the tango. Here are some of the tangos that are known to dance in Colombia and the other countries:

Tango en compañia colombia by Tango En Colombia

The tambolka (Latin: "salsa") is a type of dance that involves the tumba (Latin: "tumbler") hand held below the head of the partner. While the "tambolka" is very popular in some areas, it is very common throughout Colombia and has become quite popular on social networks, particularly through Facebook. In this dance, the partner holds their tumba or tumbler hand below the partner's head and both participants move their hands and arms in sync with the music, singing and dancing with each other. This is not to be confused with the dance tumba mata ("tumbler" hand above the partner's head).

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