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A couple of years ago, we started writing a weekly column about Latino and Latin American dating, dating advice and other things related to the dating scene in South America. Here are a couple of our recent articles: The Dating Scene in South America and The Latin American Dating Scene: What You Need to Know.

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This guy, for whatever reason, is not super into her. She is not dating her. She isn't even dating him. It's just this awkward awkwardness that is happening. They just aren't into each other.

They do everything together except that one stupid thing that we both want. We don't really care if she wants to go out with me or not.

This girl and the guy we are about to get into a relationship with. This is how they look at each other. He's very friendly with me and she is very quiet and reserved.

That's not what I had in mind when I first got together with her. It's because we're on the same team. We are both really good at math and physics. We've both gone to college and worked for big companies. I know about her favorite band, the Strokes. She knows about my favorite band, the Killers. I guess it's not that different from what my ex-wife did when I first met her. I never really saw the point of my ex-wife. I can't think of anything more frustrating than having to explain why the girl you are interested in is not interested in you. And I still have to tell you about the guy who had me do something so pointless that I don't even know what I did at all. (If you read this, I want to apologize for that one.) And, to be honest, I have never really understood what I do. It's kind of funny how all of these things come from having an inferiority complex. "But I'm just trying to get laid!" is a completely acceptable explanation, but the fact that you can make it to my apartment with a bag of chips is not? You don't have to go into the kitchen, put the bag in the oven, and then wait for the chips to melt in the oven before opening the door. You can't eat in your apartment. But then, if you're going to spend $10,000 to buy a car, you shouldn't be able to eat outside of the house? If you don't understand my own situation, I'm sorry. I am only trying to help you. So, as you can see, the latin American girl is an alien. She is a different species from us. I have never seen a latin American girl in her real life, though I've met enough of them to form an opinion on what to expect in the real world. That's why I'm not the most well known man on the internet. I don't really have a lot of online followers, and most of the online attention I get comes from the Latin American world.